Study Visit

Aron Ballo Study Visit Programme

In the year 2009, MIDAS renamed the Study Visit in memory of Aron Ballo, the Chief editor of Szabadsàg​, who lost his life in a tragic car accident doing journalistic research for his newspaper.

The programme seeks to provide opportunities for 5 to 10 journalists of Midas member newspapers to develop knowledge in editorial work maximising their experience through the exchange of information. The study visit is dedicated to report on minority protection and cultural diversity issues within the context of the European Integration process.

The weekly programme integrates field trips, classroom and editorial training. The journalists are assigned to work in an editorial department under the guidance of a mentor of the host-newspaper based on their interests, talents, and capabilities. In addition to this editorial training, the journalists attend a seminar on minority issues in the European context. Midas and the host-newspaper also organise field trips and interviews to become more familiar with the situation of minorities in the host country.

Applicants for the programme are required to be journalists or freelancers of a Midas member newspaper. The number of the participants is limited (max. 10).

Midas and the local partners will cover travel and accommodation costs.