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MIDAS Network

Every year, the MIDAS members meet for the General Assembly. This is the central forum for exchange between members. If possible, the General Assembly is organised alternately by different member newspapers in other countries. In this way, members can also learn directly about minority situations in other contexts.

The MIDAS network is also particularly helpful when it comes to implementing projects at European level. A good example of a project with involvement of MIDAS is NewsSpectrum.

General Assembly 2021 in Trst/Trieste

General Assembly 2018 in Ostrawa/Ostrava

MIDAS Training Programme

Each year, MIDAS offers two young journalists or media professionals (up to the age of 35) the opportunity to spend one to two weeks training at a newspaper.

Both the sending and the receiving newspaper must be members of MIDAS. The MIDAS Training Programme seeks to promote cooperation and exchange between the member newspapers. The project is intended to help young journalists/media professionals learn about the situation of other minorities and the work in other newspapers. Participants are also given the opportunity for further training at the receiving newspaper.

During the training, the journalists work on a series of articles or a longer reportage. Depending on the background of the media professionals (e.g., IT, marketing, layout design), they work on a respective project.

Márk Macsicza from Új Szó at Flensborg Avis

Marie Buhl from Flensborg Avis at Dolomiten

MIDAS Content Exchange

Within the MIDAS Content Exchange, journalists from different MIDAS newspapers regularly exchange articles. Once a month, a journalist from the group prepares a larger article, which is then published in the other newspapers participating in the project. The network also serves to quickly exchange news from the respective minority communities.